From the recording Songs from Joel Jacks Studios

Written by Joel Jacks, Chelsea Chaput and Jim Attebery. Produced by Joel Jacks


This must have been how Dorothy felt
in a whirlwind a fair maiden fell
tomorrows were like yesterdays
all she knew was black, white and gray
I know what it’s like to see
my world monochromatically
love was just a dream I’d seen
on the wrong side of the silver screen

wasn’t till I asked for more that fate threw me an open door
the kinda night you can’t forget like I stepped into a movie set

Oh my stars aint it swell to discover
when you meet that special kind of lover
it’s a feeling unlike any other
the way you’re loving on me makes me feel
like i’m seeing in technicolor

Roses ya are infrared
ultraviolets well they aren’t blue
but reality leaves my head
whenever I’m alone with you
now when I look out my door
I’m seeing things I didn’t see before
those poppies have a glossy sheen
and my brown front lawn is emerald green

I was color blind and never knew
now I see everything from a different point of hue

it’s so nice to finally go
to the other side of the rainbow