Music production is what I do.  From the conception of a new melody idea to the delivery of a final mix I love the process of creating music.  When I was fourteen years old I began experimenting with recording equipment and production and have never looked back.  My first studio was a converted room in my parent's basement that I built when I was in high school.  I surrounded myself with whatever recording equipment I could get my hands on in those days and spent countless hours immersed in music and recording.  I spend the years that followed in a string of small cramped recording rooms that never really gave me the opportunity to create music with people the way I wanted to.  I believe the vibe and feel of a studio is critical to an artist's creative freedom and I wanted a one-of-a-kind studio where the serenity of the space was a central part of the blueprint.  When I finally had the opportunity to build my own recording studio in 2004 I asked renown studio designer Chris Pelonis to head the design.  He completely understood the science behind the design as well as the feel of the atmosphere I was trying to create.  Since then I've had the opportunity to collaborate with artists from all over the country producing music with many exceptional songwriters and bands.  

I believe an artist's best work always lies ahead of them but that to find their true voice requires an honest reach deep into their own creative genius with the right people in the right place at the right time.  Creating great music is a unique process and often a very personal journey for an artist.  I love serving as a guide for artists willing to take the journey in search of their true voice.  That is what I do.